Buying a Flute

I so often get asked – “what’s a good flute to buy for my child?” Once the parent of a student heard a particularly advanced student at a studio recital and said, “I want to buy the brand of flute she plays.” While that’s a compliment to the student’s efforts, it’s not the best way to find the right instrument! In short, there is no best, but there is a process you can follow.

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Warming Up

Warming up is something that flutists talk about and when asked for a routine, there are as many warm-ups as there are flutists. So, it’s not surprising that I have my own take on this. What I’m posting here is entirely my opinion, based on my own professional experience. Because this is a multi-faceted topic, I’ll be posting several different times, covering different aspects.

I think we worry too much about “what to do” and tend to spend too long doing it. Mostly, though, I think there’s a tendency to lose track of what we’re warming up. So, let’s talk first about a component of the flute that isn’t your instrument – your body.

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Flute Basics

Dom Zarro, of the Palisades Park School District interviewed me about flute teaching tips for beginners as well as tips for playing issues.